The Music of Colour

When we look at the world it’s hard not to see an overload of detail, a cacophony of images but if you obscure the detail then gradually (timidly)  an elusive purity emerges.  And sometimes a beguiling beauty lurks in that abstraction. 

These images are completely natural, indeed literal and yet elegantly defy the logic of the visual world.  But we are blind to this other reality due to the unshakeable sophistication of our auto-focus vision.

What is often trapped within the confines of descriptive line and shape is here released to play and frolic with the senses.  So when form falls away the colours blossom and even dance a merry dance.  Sometimes they exude a gentle glamour and grace whilst at others they burst with rich flavours and intense perfume but always with a striking and majestic subtlety.

These pictures don’t describe or dictate but liberate.  There are no lines, few shapes and structures but a sensuous riot of colour and atmosphere. 

You are invited to lose yourself in the melody and harmonies of unbridled colour.  

A gateway perhaps to another world.